Who Dat Puppy Gallery

  • Date
    April 13, 2014
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    Making Snow Balls, Eating Snow Balls, Being Cute
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Hi I am Mocha, the Official Spokes Puppy of Mardi Gras Snowballs.  I am running this site on behalf of my person.  People always think they are in control, when in actuality it is Puppies that rule the universe. (We only let the cats ‘think’ that they are in charge)

You seem dubious.  I can prove this assertion.  You think dogs and cats are just pets, however the truth is that we have trained you to do our bidding.  For example, us canines are more than capable of fending for ourselves, yet we are sheltered, fed, bathed, walked and basically catered to in every way by humans.  This feat was accomplished by using a time honored technique honed over centuries.  Namely it is the ability to look adorable on command.  It starts with a quivering bottom jaw, shifting weight from one paw to the other, a slight wine and the coup de gras a slight head cock to the side combined with a soulful stare.  Very few humans are immune to our adorableness.

So, now that you have acknowledged our uncanny allurement, let us proceed.   I will keep you informed about my person’s whereabouts around town.  I will also let you know about any prizes or specials when they occur.  In the meantime enjoy the wonderfulness that is me the gallery to the left.